Eric Chenaux Live [Spring & Summer 2023]

EU 2023

23 May 2023 - Marseille, FR @L'Embobineuse
18 Jun 2023 - Monticelli Brusati, IT @Santuario Madonna Della Rosa [Ground Festival]
22 Jun 2023 - Lyon, FR @Le Périscope
22 Jul 2023 - Fano, DK @Fano Free Folk Festival
26 Jul 2023 - Ségur-le-château, FR @La Ruelle

[Photo by Fabrizio Giammarco]
Praise for  Eric Chenaux's SAY LAURA
"Permit some warranted hyperbole: the Canadian songwriter has one of the all-time great singing voices in popular music,
an intensely romantic Chet Baker-ish instrument that seems to float with piercing direction,
like a paper aeroplane thrown hard through mist.
Backed with his equally distinctive burbling guitar,
Say Laura is a perfect gateway to his oeuvre with some of his loveliest compositions."
The Guardian • "Best Albums of 2022 So Far"
“This constant shift between dream and reality,
between the ground and a consciousness-expanding dimension,
is what makes Eric Chenaux records so precious and unique.
Vocals and guitar play a game of tag, taking the listener down unexpected directions
that the greatest works of improvised music have taken.
Not to be missed.”
The Quietus • "Best Albums of 2022 So Far"
“As delicate and lovely as a rare orchid, the album follows its own inner logic,
guiding us through a wide-open landscape that’s unusual but strangely familiar all the same.”
"There are surface parallels between Say Laura and Arthur Russell's minimal avant pop,
but there are also more subtle similarities to 
Talk Talk's floating ambience [or] the most stripped-down Sun Ra sessions.
In less careful hands, the combination of free range guitar exploration and crooning vocals could come off as awkward or disjointed,
Chenaux's patient guidance makes even the most disruptive moments of Say Laura feel sweet.”
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Eric Chenaux
Say Laura

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