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In Animal Tongue

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    CST082   180gLP • CD • DL

    Duration: 41:47


    Evangelista returns with a fourth album, following the critically-acclaimed Prince Of Truth (2009) that cemented Carla Bozulich's reputation for aesthetic quality, intensity and iconoclasm as she entered a third decade of tireless artistic and musical activity.

    Evangelista's new album continues to broaden the sonic canvas against which Bozulich deploys her distinctive voice and lyricism. In Animal Tongue reflects Bozulich's escape from her Los Angeles home base and an increasingly nomadic existence in the last couple of years, devoted in equal parts to collaboration and improvisation with a wide range of players in diverse contexts, the conception and execution of site-specific sound/art events and residencies, rocking the circuit with Evangelista (equally at home in bright museums and dingy clubs) and retreat to the American desert.

    In Animal Tongue was largely written and recorded by Bozulich, in a variety of locations, driven (in Carla's words) "by the forces of rocks, evolution, geology, drugs, boxing, everything-ology and dead stuff that makes the dirt and cement and the tress grow. Plus real versus fake!!!" The album steams and bubbles like a simmering cauldron, with carefully metered elements stirred and coagulating around a core of low end provided by Tara Barnes on bass, seasoned with piano, organ and cut-and-paste arrangements by Dominic Cramp. This core trio is augmented by Sam Mickens (The Dead Science), Shahzad Ismaily (Laurie Anderson, Secret Chiefs, Sam Amidon) and John Eichenseer (jhno), who contribute to several tracks.

    Through it all, Bozulich's powerfully adventurous voice weaves vital, semi-improvisatory melodies of gasping, restrained intensity ("Artificial Lamb", "Bells Ring Fire"), brooding incantation ("In Animal Tongue", "Hands Of Leather", "Die Alone") and a rich half-whispered alto ("Black Jesus", "Enter The Prince").

    In Animal Tongue is a superb addition to Bozulich's canon and as original a voice as can be found at the current nexus of punk, poetry, and experimental music.

    Thanks for listening.


     LP is pressed on 180g vinyl and comes in a jacket printed in full colour on thick 24pt board and includes a colour insert sheet.
    First pressing of LP also includes a limited edition art print poster and download code.

    CD comes in a custom gatefold jacket printed on reverse 100% recycled Orford paperboard in full colour.


    Evangelista is Carla Bozulich, Tara Barnes and Dominic Cramp.


    Sam Mickens - guitar (tracks 1, 3)
    John Eichenseer - synth bass and effects (track 1), viola (tracks 8, 9), piano (track 9)
    Francesco Guerri - cello (track 4)
    Scarnella - guitar (track 5)
    Jessica Catron - cello (track 6)
    Sophie Trudeau - violin (track 6)
    Jessica Moss - violin (track 6)
    Thierry Amar - contrabass (track 6, 9)
    Shahzad Ismaily - guitar (track 8), percussion (track 9)
    Janel Leppin - cello (track 8)
    Ches Smith - drums (track 9)

    Recorded, produced, written and arranged by Carla Bozulich.

    Additional recording, production, composition and arrangement by Tara Barnes, Dominic Cramp, Sam Mickens, Shahzad Ismaily, John Eichenseer, Francesco Guerri, Nels Cline and Efrim Menuck.

    Cover art painting by Jesse McCloskey.