Kee Avil On Her Favourite Constellation Releases

Fresh off the release of her debut album Crease in March 2022, we asked Vicky Mettler aka KEE AVIL to swing by our office to pick and share some thoughts on her favourite Constellation records.
The pictures below were taken in our warehouse in Montreal. 

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HANGEDUP Clatter For Control
"Like dripping paint on fur."

"Like glass bulbs shattering on a bed of moss."

ELIZABETH ANKA VAJAGIC Stand With The Stillness Of This Day
"Like a dream when you can’t see."


LAND OF KUSH Sand Enigma
"Like a slow whirlwind of liquid sugar."

FLY PAN AM C'est ça
"Like tiny tears on silk."


Kee Avil's CREASE

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