Momentform Accumulations
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"There’s a real sense of disorientation through awkward machine polyrhythms and softly grinding sampled abrasions. Amongst the complex patter of percussion are some brighter, dronier elements like the chill chord walls on ‘Simultaneite 3’ and the more looming murk on ‘Simultaneite 1’. Brilliant. It’s only his debut album too."

“An enthralling electronic album.”

“An incredible and unrelenting album experience.”
Echoes And Dust

“Automatisme is a focal point for the varied ideas of William Jourdain, a musician whose work draws on vastly different disciplines. Currently pursuing studies in Art History, the musician (and painter, lest we forget) also works in Saint-Hyacinthe’s Fréquences record store. The multi-disciplinary approach reaps its benefits, with a forthcoming album on Constellation Records sluicing together these varied approaches. Pits the organic against the digital, with this heady glitch artist utilising a tapestry of found sounds, samples, and field recordings. Recommended.”
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Automatisme is the electronic music project of Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec-based producer William Jourdain, who has been self-releasing a brilliant series of albums and tracks under this moniker since 2013, exploring various intersections of drone, dub techno, electronica, ambient, electro-acoustic, and noise.

Always taking site-specific field recordings as its starting point, and with nominal reliance on synthesizers, Automatisme samples, signal bends, and transforms his source material into deliberate and elemental soundscapes of white and pink noise, spatial drone and methodically additive beats.

Jourdain is among a cohort of young electronic music practitioners for whom the early works of progenitors from twenty years ago loom large – Pan Sonic/Mika Vainio, Stefan Betke (Pole, ~scape), Carsten Nicolai (Alva Noto, Raster-Noton). This period (1995-2002) was similarly formative for Constellation, and while at that time the label was preoccupied with the dirtier and messier sounds of local bands melding punk/rock instrumentation with various post-rock currents, we were concurrently huge fans of the aforementioned artists, their rigorous, methodical, highly-controlled strategies and arid, restrained sonic terrains. Automatisme has bubbled up and hit all our residual minimal-electronic pleasure centers all these many years later.

Momentform Accumulations compiles much of Jourdain’s most recent and most rhythmically-driven work. We’re very excited to be issuing this as Automatisme’s first official full-length physical album release – and while Jourdain continues to pursue his studies in Art History, his practice as a painter and installation artist, and his work at Saint-Hyacinthe’s excellent Fréquences record store, we also anticipate diverse and fascinating future recordings from Automatisme that will stake out a multi-faceted identity for this viscerally engaged young producer. We also urge interested ears to check out Automatisme on Bandcamp for previous recordings that similarly reveal the project’s multiplicity.

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Release date: 30 September 2016
Running time: 44:36

Packaging notes
CD comes in a custom gatefold jacket printed on thick 24pt. paperboard with a printed CD dust sleeve. LP is pressed on 180 gram virgin vinyl at Optimal (Germany) and comes in a heavyweight jacket with black poly-lined audiophile dust sleeve, credit insert, pull-out art poster and download code for 320 kbps MP3 copy of the album.

1. Transport 1
2. Simultanéité 3
3. Transport 2
4. Simultanéité 1
5. Transport 3
6. Simultanéité 4

Music composed, recorded, produced and mixed by William Jourdain
Artwork by Patrick Foisy
Mastered by Harris Newman at Greymarket