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Do Make Say Think
Do Make Say Think

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    CST005   2x180gLP • CD • DL

    Release date: 08 March 1999

    Duration: 1:12:44


    Do Make Say Think self-released this debut album in Toronto in 1997, and we heard it the following spring. The band’s infectious spacerock-cum-swing approach to sweeping instrumentals, and their brilliant realisation of the potentials of 8-track recording, hooked us instantly. Rhythm syncopation, reverb-soaked guitar, the occasional horn, and some of the finest saturated synth tones we’ve ever heard – this record conjures up rainy streets and wet cigarettes with the best of them. A classic modern lounge album that also shreds, with widescreen breakbeat blissouts driven by punk-rock guitars. An exuberant debut, containing all the building blocks DMST has been transforming into sublime music architectures ever since.


    LP jacket hand-made from 100% recycled thick 25pt. chipboard with white screenprinted lettering and custom window die-cut. 2 slabs of 180gram vinyl in inner sleeves printed on uncoated heavyweight paper. Includes additional artwork/credit insert and digital download coupon.

    CD gatefold jacket made from 100lb. textured uncoated cardstock with foil-embossed text and window cut. Three different two-sided duotone insert cards can be interchanged to show through the front cover window cut. A fourth insert card contains credit info.



    Ohad Benchetrit: guitar, bass, saxophone, flute
    Jason McKenzie: keyboards, effects
    Dave Mitchell: drums
    James Payment: drums
    Justin Small: guitar
    Charles Spearin: bass, guitar, trumpet