Do Make Say Think

Do Make Say Think came together in Toronto in 1995-96 and self-released their self-recorded, self-titled debut CD in 1997. Constellation Records re-issued this record the following year and have worked with the band on all six records that followed. The band members continue to be Ohad Benchetrit, David Mitchell, James Payment, Justin Small and Charles Spearin – and all continue to call Toronto home.

Do Make Say Think have consistently released superlative and critically acclaimed instrumental rock albums that feature highly original hybrids of psych, jazz, punk, prog and electronica. They shatter the all-too-familiar confines of generic post-rock with every album, and forge compelling instrumental rock with just the right balance of noise, melody, narrative depth, compositional acumen and inventive mixing and editing. They have fostered a devoted international audience and have toured extensively in North America, Europe and Asia over the course of their 20+ year history as a band.

Do Make Say Think records are also marked by a fiercely independent approach to self-production that is re-imagined for each release, but which always remains the band’s own; Ohad, Justin and Charles are a distinctive production team, working out of Ohad’s Toronto studio th’Schvitz, and Do Make Say Think is the most personal, expansive and detailed canvas for their sonic adventures.

The band’s seventh full-length album Stubborn Persistent Illusions was released in May 2017. On the occasion of this release, the band’s first in eight years, DMST write: “We’ve been a band for over 20 years and we’ve made seven albums, all released on Constellation. For the most part we’re an instrumental band although from time to time our songs have lyrics, usually sung by friends. We don’t tour a lot these days but that just makes it all the more special when we do. In the time we’ve been together our music has managed to work its way into the hearts of a number people around the world. What more can a band want? We are grateful. It is no small thing to pour your heart (if hearts are liquid) into your fingers and produce sounds that perfectly reflect your feelings and then have those feelings accepted and welcomed by thirsty, heart-drinking ears. It makes life better.”


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