Polmo Polpo




Polmo Polpo was the primary music project and moniker of Sandro Perri at the turn of the millennium. Between 1999 and 2002, Perri ran the 12″ label Audi Sensa, releasing works under various monikers: with Polmo Polpo, he explored ambient dance music at its fringes, where drone/noise and dub-inflected production enveloped melodic instruments as diverse as lap steel guitar, viola and accordion. These early Polmo Polpo tracks were compiled and released on CD by Alien8 Recordings as The Science Of Breath. In 2003, Intr_version Records released Kiss Me Again And Again, a 28-minute cover of Arthur Russell’s "Kiss Me Again", blending Polpo's love of disco, drone and durational music. That same year, Constellation released the widely acclaimed Like Hearts Swelling LP, a pulsing ambient album of submerged beats, rolling waves of pink noise and organic melodies: “an aural palette far wider than his contemporaries – Perri seems to have discovered the cure for the ills of both ambient and noise musics” (Dusted).

Along with the celebrated discography of subsequent Sandro Perri ‘solo’ releases, check out Off World and Glissandro 70, two other electronic-inflected music projects in which he also features.