This Montreal-based group made wonderful damaged roots music in various incarnations through the mid-90s, guided by the songwriting of singer/guitarist Gabe Levine and the string-playing of co-founder Genevieve Heistek. Harris Newman was a regular presence on bass, and Kurt Newman (no relation) played various instruments before leaving the band to return to Toronto and eventually, Austin USA. Ian Ilavsky filled in on guitar beginning in 1996 and various players, including Pat Conan and Eric Craven, occupied the drum chair. Charting a path through country and pop traditions, always with a deft lyrical touch, Sackville developed a highly original and evocative sound that distilled a wide range of folk, rock and avant influences. The group slowly disbanded at the turn of the millennium. Members have gone on to play in Hangedup, Black Ox Orkestar, Set Fire To Flames and Silver Mt Zion among others.