Shipping and Preorder FAQ


Thank you for shopping with us (or considering doing so). For all webshop inquiries please email mailorder [at] [site URL].

You can of course check out as a guest, but we do encourage you to create an account. Needless to say, your information is secure and we do not share it in any way, shape or form. Our webstore uses Shopify.

We do from time to time provide special offers to customers with store accounts, based on order history and/or location. These offers can be pretty cool and worthwhile. We do not market to our customers aggressively – you’d be getting the occasional email from us, maybe every month or so.


Currency conversions on our site are estimates using real-time spot rates from and are for information purposes. Your financial institution and/or Paypal will convert from Canadian Dollars to your currency at their own exchange rate: usually 2-5% higher than the real-time spot rates quoted on our site.




Shipping is not included in product prices unless otherwise clearly stated.

When you proceed to check-out, you will see exact shipping amounts and may see several shipping options. US orders can benefit from very economical USPS Media Mail rates, but you may also see more expensive Canada Post Air Mail options to choose from (which you are welcome to select, but USPS Media Mail is pretty reliable so we don’t particularly recommend it). International orders may see Canada Post Air Mail rates alongside DHL Express rates – we use both services and they are both Air Mail delivery within 3-7 days. DHL rates are generally best for any order weighing 1kg (2lbs) or more – i.e. 3 vinyl LPs or more. We do not ship by international surface mail – this service is too unreliable, with overseas packages taking as long as 3-4 months to arrive, and too often disappearing altogether, without recourse. Unfortunate but true.

We provide you with shipping quotes at two different stages in your cart prior to checkout. We also strive to advise you on how to “order smart” to get the most bang for you buck based on weight-based shipping categories (see more below).

Your order should arrive within 7-14 business days for most international destinations. International shipments via DHL are generally guaranteed in 3-7 days depending on destination.

Our direct mail-order has been running smoothly for over 20 years with tens of thousands of happy and satisfied customers. Shipping issues are extremely rare, but please do take note of the following:

If you selected a Canada Post Air Mail shipping option and your package has not arrived within a reasonable amount of time, please contact your local postal office before contacting us. In almost all cases, the delay is due to your package being held by your post office and awaiting pick-up. Postal services will always claim they sent a notice to the recipient’s mail box. Whether they did or not is impossible to prove and pointless to argue!

Many international postal services also charge the sender (that’s us!) the same rate to return a package as to send it. When this happens, we will have spent on postage alone 100% or more of what you paid for the order. So again, PLEASE check with your local post office within 2-3 weeks of placing your order if you have not received it. THANK YOU!

We are not responsible for taxes and/or duties levied by governments outside North America. Our shipping documentation is always filled out to ensure that such charges will be minimal or non-existent. But local authorities/inspectors will randomly do what they decide to do. Again, for larger vinyl orders, DHL is your best option for shipping price, reliability of customs clearance, and guaranteed delivery within your country.



Unless otherwise noted, orders that contain preorder items will be shipped in full on the date when the last preorder item is being released. If your cart includes a mix of currently available and preorder items and you want the currently available item(s) to be shipped immediately, please place separate orders for the already available items and the preorder items.



Shipping is calculated by weight and all products have been accurately weighed so that you can get the most out of your order.

Vinyl orders require the addition of a 150g cardboard mailer. This will be automatically added to your shipping weight when you check out via Shopify. But in your preview cart, while you are still in the midst of shopping, click “I am ordering vinyl” to add this LP mailer weight and to ensure the most accurate shipping cost estimate. This is not so important for North American customers but is important for international orders, especially if your order is for only 1 or 2 LPs.

Priority Air Mail shipping rates from Canada are set by Canada Post at the following weight categories. US orders are sent by media mail. Prices are displayed in CAD and accurate as of November 2019.


Based on these fixed weight/rate tables for international shipments, the following rules generally apply:

The majority of our fully-packaged single 180gLP releases weigh approximately 350g; this means that with a cardboard mailer this package would fit in the 251-500g range, and cost $20.55 CAD (approximately €14) to ship to Europe.

In some instances, where an album has particularly heavy packaging or in the case of double LP albums, the weight will exceed 350g and thus necessarily end up in the 501g-1000g range once the cardboard mailer has been factored in. This will cost $40.28 CAD (approximately €27) to ship to Europe. In these cases, you can add at least another LP to your order without raising the shipping costs.

In some cases with our pre-2003 LP releases (CST003 – CST025) which were pressed on standard weight vinyl, it is possible to order 3 LPs for under 1000g.

Paying close attention to the total weight in your cart, you can often add additional items to your order without increasing the postage cost.




3 x 180gLP = 1050g
1 x LP mailer = 150g
TOTAL OF 3 LPs = 1200g
SHIPPING TO EUROPE = $50.42 CAD (approximately €33)

3 x 180gLP = 1050g
1 x Regular LP = 250g
1 x LP mailer = 150g
TOTAL OF 4 LPs = 1450g
SHIPPING TO EUROPE = $50.42 CAD (approximately €33)

In both of these cases the shipping would remain the same.


4 x 180g LP = 1400g
1 x LP mailer = 150g
TOTAL OF 4 LPs = 1550g
SHIPPING TO EUROPE = $60.55 CAD (approximately €40)

5 x 180g LP = 1750g
1 x LP mailer = 150g
TOTAL OF 5 LPs = 1900g
SHIPPING TO EUROPE = $60.55 CAD (approximately €40)

3 x 180g LP = 1050g
3 x Regular LP = 750g
1 x LP mailer = 150g
TOTAL OF 6 LPs = 1950g
SHIPPING TO EUROPE = $60.55 CAD (approximately €40)

In all of three of these cases, the shipping cost to Europe would remain the same.

Large orders (i.e. in excess of 2kg) have lower incremental shipping cost increases by weight. Once your order exceeds 2kg it is not so important to check the weight increments. However there is a big shipping cost difference between an order that weighs 2.00kg and an order that weighs 2.001kg!