T. Gowdy

T. Gowdy is a Canadian music producer, audio/visual performer and sound artist. He has performed live works in venues across North America and Europe, such as at MUTEK (Montreal, Barcelona), Pico Union Project (L.A.) and Spektrum (Berlin). After studying choral music and classical guitar, Gowdy pursued graduate studies in sound recording. Over the past 12 years he has accrued production and engineering credits on over 60 albums.

Since 2017, T. Gowdy has released three solo records: B-Stock (2018), Vitrify Kate (Liberation Through Hearing, 2018) and Pachira Aquatica, released internationally with Shimmering Moods (2019). As a sound artist Gowdy was Eastern Bloc’s Data Salon XXXIII Artist in Residence (2019).