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Claire Denis Film Scores 1996-2009

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    CST077   5xCD • DL

    Duration: 03:09:05


    Tindersticks have had a long and fruitful relationship with French filmmaker Claire Denis dating back to the band's early years. The group's first soundtrack for Denis, Nénette Et Boni (1996), was also their third album, following two eponymous and now legendary Tindersticks full-lengths in the early 90s. Five more soundtracks have followed, tracking faithfully alongside Denis' own critically-acclaimed trajectory, marking one of the more fertile, consistent and resonant relationships between a director and a group of musicians in contemporary cinema.

    The set gathers all six of the Claire Denis soundtracks written and performed by Tindersticks or their members; Stuart A. Staples for L'Intrus and Dickon Hinchliffe for Vendredi Soir, alongside four others credited to the full band: Nénette et BoniTrouble Every Day35 Rhums and White Material.

    Four of the six soundtracks are previously unreleased – all of the film scores since 2002 are issued in this set for the first time. It is a subtle, beautiful body of work and an integral part of the Tindersticks oeuvre.


    White Material
    Bus Vision 1
    The Boxer
    White Material
    Children's Theme 1
    Maria And The Boxer
    Andre And The Old Man
    Yellow Dog
    Maria And The Old Man
    Maria And The Sheriff
    Andre's Death
    Children's Theme 2
    Attack On The Pharmacy
    Bus Vision 2

    35 Rhums
    Train Montage 1
    Night Time Apartments
    Night Train
    Lionel Home Drunk
    Train Montage 2
    Rene's Death
    The Necklace

    L'Intrus / Vendredi Soir
    Running Dogs
    Night Drive
    Horse Dream
    Pusan Snow
    The Purple Sea
    Sleepless Night
    The Black Mountain

    Le Vestibule
    Le Rallye
    Falling Asleep
    Street Fight
    Laure's Theme
    Hotel Love
    La Voiture
    Chambre 26

    Trouble Every Day
    Opening Titles
    Maid Theme
    Room 321
    Notre Dame
    Killing Theme
    Taxi To Coré
    Coré On Stairs, Love Theme
    Maid Theme (End)
    Closing Titles
    Killing Theme (Alternative Version)
    Trouble Every Day

    Nénette et Boni
    Ma soeur
    La passerelle
    Les gateaux
    Nénette est là
    Petites chiennes
    Petites gouttes d'eau
    Les cannes à pêche
    La mort de Félix
    Nénette s'en va
    Les bébés
    Les fleurs


    5X180gLP edition includes two posters – limited to 1000 copies. LPs pressed on 180g vinyl at Optimal (Germany).
    Each disc is housed in uncoated cardstock duotone print sleeves with silver spot inks (and silver varnished interiors for the CD wallets), inserted into a foil-embossed double-wall slip box with custom die-cut window, hand-made from 550gsm/25pt all-black brushed-finish uncoated board. All using 100% recycled papers. Each album sleeve can interact with the window-cut slip box.
    Includes a 64pp perfect-bound booklet with 30pp of colour film stills and an essay by Michael Hill (in English and translated to French).



    Audio mastering for this collection by Harris Newman at Grey Market, Montreal, 2011.

    White Material
    Recorded at Le Chien Chanceux by Stuart A. Staples and at Kore Studios by Philip Bagenal, 2008.
    Mixed at Le Chien Chanceux by Stuart A. Staples with Philip Bagenal, 2009.

    David Boulter – Harmonium, electric guitar, glockenspiel, kalimba
    Stuart A. Staples – Percussion
    Dan McKinna – Bass and electric guitar
    Neil Fraser – Electric guitar
    Thomas Belhom – Drums, percussion
    Andy Nice – Cello
    Terry Edwards – Saxophone
    Lucy Wilkins – Lead violin and string arrangements
    Calina de la Mare – Violin
    Alison Dods – Violin
    Howard Gott – Violin

    Written by David Boulter and Stuart A. Staples.

    Bug Music Ltd 2011
    Licensed from Lucky Dog Inc Ltd © 2011

    35 Rhums
    Recorded at Le Chien Chanceux by Stuart A. Staples, 2008.
    Mixed at Le Chien Chanceux by Stuart A. Staples, 2008.

    David Boulter – Fender Rhodes piano, melodica, string machine
    Stuart A. Staples – Acoustic guitar, melodica
    Dan McKinna - Bass guitar, Fender Rhodes piano
    Neil Fraser – Electric guitar
    Thomas Belhom – Drums, percussion
    Christine Ott – Ondes Martenot

    Written by David Boulter and Stuart A. Staples.

    Bug Music Ltd 2011
    Licensed from Lucky Dog Inc Ltd © 2011

    Recorded at Lucky Dog, London by Stuart A. Staples and at La Ferme, St Marie by Ian Caple, 2004.
    Mixed at Lucky Dog by Stuart A. Staples, 2004.

    Stuart A. Staples – Guitars, keyboards
    Thomas Belhom – Drums
    Terry Edwards – Trumpet
    Written by Stuart A. Staples.

    Bug Music Ltd 2004
    Licensed from Lucky Dog Inc Ltd © 2011

    Vendredi Soir
    Recorded at Angel Studios, London by Steve Price, 2002.
    Mixed at The Dairy and Eastcote Studios, London by Philip Bagenal, 2002.

    Dickon Hinchliffe – Violin and keyboards
    Lucy Wilkins – 1st Violin, conductor
    1st Violins – Sarah Button, Howard Gott, Jackie Norrie, Brian Wright
    2nd Violins – Christopher Koh, Calina de la Mare, Anna Morris
    Cellos – Oliver Kraus, Andy Nice, Sarah Willson

    Written by Dickon Hinchliffe.

    Bug Music Ltd 2002
    Licensed courtesy of Soudaine Compagnie © 2002

    Trouble Every Day
    Recorded at Angel Studios, London by Steve Price with Tom Jenkins, and Eastcote Studios, London by Simon Sheridan with Antti Uusimaki, 2000.
    Mixed at The Pierce Rooms, London by Stuart A. Staples and Ian Caple with Chris Settele and Richard Wilkinson, 2000.
    Original mastering at Metropolis, London by Tim Young.

    David Boulter – Piano, claves, maracas
    Dickon Hinchliffe – Violin, vocal
    Stuart A. Staples – Vocal
    Alistair Macaulay – Drums
    Bongos – David Pattman
    Harp – Fiona Hibbert
    Trumpets – Steve Sidwell, Paul Spong
    Trombone – Neil Sidwell
    Violins – Vaughan Armon, Ben Cruft, Simon Fischer, Pete Hanson, Patrick Kiernan, Perry Montague-Mason,
    Emlyn Singleton, Jonathan Strange, Cathy Thompson, Chris Tombling, Dave Woodcock, Gavyn Wright
    Cellos – Paul Kegg, Melissa Phelps, Frank Schaefer
    Contrebasse – Malcolm Moore

    Written by David Boulter, Dickon Hinchliffe, Alistair Macaulay, Stuart Staples.
    String arrangements by Dickon Hinchliffe.

    Copyright Control
    Under license from Beggars Banquet © 2001

    Nénette et Boni
    Recorded at Eastcote, London by Ian Caple, 1995.
    Mixed at The Stone Room, London by Ian Caple and Tindersticks, 1995.
    Original mastering at Metropolis, London by Tim Young.

    David Boulter – Organ, piano, vibes, glockenspiel
    Mark Colwill – Bass
    Neil Fraser – Guitar, glockenspiel
    Dickon Hinchliffe – Piano, violin
    Alistair Macaulay – Drums
    Stuart A. Staples – Vocal, electric guitar
    Violins – Heather Broadbent, Vic Evans, Zillah Hawley, Suzanna Horne, Tanja Housten, Becky Leetch,
    Caroline Luckhurst, Kate Mackenzie, Suzannah Marsden, Jeff Moore, Julie Nicholau, Louise Walters,
    Amanda Westgarth, Lucy Wilkins
    Violas – Hannah Biss, Maritza Bulcock, Ann Louise Child, Kate Fraser, Samie Pullman
    Cellos – Clare Parkholm, Annabelle Simmons, Andrew Skrimshire, Sarah Willson

    Strings conducted by Rosie Lindsell.
    Written by Tindersticks.

    Copyright Control
    Licensed courtesy of Universal International Music BV © 1996

    Claire Denis photo by Ruth Ehrmann. Tindersticks photo by Richard Dumas.