Ceux qui inventent n’ont jamais vecu
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“Concise yet fragmentary, 'Ceux Qui Inventent…' effectively destabilises casual conjunctions of rock and electronica, with its detuned instruments and obtuse beats irregularly set in informal yet precise structures.”
The Wire

“[E]stranging, very original, unpredictable, but never too far off to frighten the ignorant… They use sabotage as an equally important instrument, next to guitar, bass, and drums.”

“[R]eplete with reminders that we live in an imperfect world of potholes and burnt-out light bulbs and overflowing landfills... As listeners, we walk…a tightrope that straddles the chasm between paranoia and peace of mind.”

“'Ceux…Vecu' is generally more energetic than their last offering, and while they remain relatively true to the krautrock repetition they love, expect a healthy dose of wrenching of convention.”

“Unquestionably art-house in its sensibilities, this release draws heavily from the various realms of post-rock, dub, experimental, even funk, to create decidedly eerie-sounding hybridized form of instrumental music.”
Deep Fry Bonanza

“Fly Pan Am's relentless hypno-grooves will either render you transcendental or just plane giddy. You listen and you choose.”
Notes From the End of
the Underground

Fly Pan AmFly Pan Am   CD / 2xLP / DL
Sédatif en fréquences et sillonsFly Pan Am   CDEP / 12"EP / DL
N'écoutez pasLe Fly Pan Am   CD / 180gLP / DL
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Fly Pan Am sharpened their sonic and conceptual knives to shiny surgical points on this second full-length. Having gradually moved from long, reverb-drenched repetition to concise, bone-dry repetition in their live shows at the time, these songs are marked by a full embrace of stuttering, fucked-up funk. The result is a tightly-wound record that frequently seems to pop its own springs. A strange and resistant strain of instrumental rock had been breeding in the tweaked brains of these four boys, this record emerged as a startlingly infectious little virus, helping to keep the form alive by undermining and destabilising it in brash and unpredictable ways. Fly Pan Am chewed up casual conjunctions of rock and electronics, leaving that hollow, worn-out ‘post-rock’ category in a crumpled heap behind them. The group was serious about their krautrock, but about a great many other things as well, whether New York no-wavisms, afro-beat, or musique concrete.

Recorded by Thierry (GYBE, Silver Mt Zion, Black Ox Orkestar) on the new 24-track tape machine at the original Hotel2Tango, Ceux Qui Inventent… is precisely stitched together, with the rhythm section of Felix Morel (drums) and J.S. Truchy (bass) serving as a new-wave-meets-no-wave backbone for the screwed-down/spastic guitar work of Roger Tellier-Craig and Jonathan Parant. Self-sabotage is the recurring theme, with a variety of moves, both instrumental and ‘artificial’, serving to disrupt and dislocate the music. No, your CD player is not defective — those skipping sounds are intentional.

Release date: 15 April 2002 (Europe), 1 April 2002 (rest of world)
Running time: 44:37

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1. Jeunesse sonique, tu dors (en cage)
2. Rompre l'indifference de l'inexitable avant que l'on vienne romper le sommeil de l'inanime
3. Partially sabatoged distraction
4. Univoque/equivoque
5. Arcades-Pamelor
6. Sound-support surface noises reaching out to you
7. Erreur, errance: interdits de par leurs nouvelles possibilities
8. La vie se doit d'etre vecue ou commencons a vivre

Jonathan Parant: guitar, tapes, electronics, organ, piano, voice
Felix Morel: drums, tapes, electronics, voice
Roger Tellier-Craig: guitar, tapes, electronics, organ, voice
J.S. Truchy: bass, tapes, electronics, voice

Tom Bernier: clarinet on TRACK 2
David Bryant: guitar on TRACK 6, 8
Bruce Cawdron: bowed percussion on TRACK 7
Jacques Gravel: clarinet on TRACK 2
Christof Migone: noises on TRACK 8
Thea Pratt: french horn on TRACK 2
Sam Shalabi: guitar on TRACK 8
Alexandre St-Onge: digital manipulations on TRACK 2

Recorded at thee mighty Hotel2Tango in Montreal by Thierry Amar and Efrim 2000-2001. Mixed by Thierry, Efrim and FPA. Mastered by Harris Newman.