Kicker In Tow
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“[A]n impressive and staggering narrative... Hangedup consistently demonstrates an extraordinary ability to join exactitude with tumult.”
Stylus (Canada)

“Their raggedly direct pieces twist improvised jazz into a deliberately primitivist rock variant, and spring back sounding like a punky ECM session, if that's not a contradiction.”
The Wire

“It's incredible that all of this intricate soundwork is coming out of just a viola and a drummer, and that the sound is as full and thick and layered as it is.”
Culture Bunker

“[A] work of dizzying variation in terms of its sounds, textures, and moods.”
Deep Fry Bonanza

“There's a feeling of muscular control, of ideas that lurk, sharklike, before jumping out to grab the listener with percussive fury.”

“[D]espite the minimalist slant, 'Kicker In Tow' is an album full of exciting sounds and emotions.”
Rock Sound
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Hangedup explodes on this follow-up to their debut (Hangedup) and proved themselves one of the most powerful, hypnotic and relentless duos mining the subterrain of instrumental avant rock. Genevieve Heistek’s amplified viola screams through a propulsive blend of drones and doublestops, while Eric Craven’s drumming spurts and hisses like an ornate, early-industrial steam engine. Both players also bring some great free/improvisational explorations to the table, always with a raw, restless punk rock heart. These are work songs, fight songs, songs brimming with life and shot through with melodic influences drawn from various folk traditions. The crashing force of their live performances has been expertly captured on this album, once again recorded at the (original) mighty Hotel2Tango by Efrim. Hangedup hit the tape hot and hard, forging songs like galvanised steel. Every drum pushes air, every string buzzes and pulses with a saturated vibrancy. You can almost feel the wind in your hair as Hangedup gallops through the nine pieces lined up here. Direct, unmediated, visceral punk experimentation, Hangedup are a tremendous, tumultuous duo.

Release date: 7 October 2002
Running time: 47:19

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1. Kinetic Work
2. Sink
3. Losing Your Charm
4. View From The Ground
5. Moment For The Motion Machine
6. No More Bad Future
7. Motorcycle Muffler
8. Automatic Spark Control
9. Broken Reel

Eric Craven: drums, percussion, etc.
Genevieve Heistek: viola, loop pedals

Harris Newman: bass on TRACK 6

Recorded and mixed at the Hotel2Tango in Montreal by Efrim, winter 2001-2002. Mastered by Harris Newman.