N'écoutez pas
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"[A] fearless, even assaultive, hardcore sound… It's an exuberant collection that's chaotic, ecstatic, and dissonant, most often at the same time.”

“Fly Pan Am is not afraid to flirt with the bizarre in reaching for the sublime, and the result is challenging music of considerable integrity.”
Copper Press

“With this latest transmutation, Le Fly Pan Am are at their creative apex, creating sounds that are cathartic and soothing, dark and light, feeling and unfeeling.”

“Placement and interplay is impeccable throughout this album… The more expansive, slowly evolving pieces on ‘N'Ecoutez Pas’ allow each of the less pronounced noises to take shape and claim some portion of the foreground.”
30 Music

“Through tight arrangements of guitar/electronic hooks, halting vocals, and various sonic enunciations, Le Fly Pan Am form a consistently engaging, even toe-tapping frame through which their music gradually ascends into a maelstrom of choral and atmospheric sound…”
Deep Fry Bonanza

“The jittery hyperactive proto punk/funk leanings that have long been a mainstay of Fly Pan Am's sound are still in attendance, although for the time being, their much more dreamy sounding then ever before…”

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A collection of songs pushed to maximum density, marked by dark shoegazer guitars, distorted organ stabs, rubbery basslines, motorik drumming and various shrouded voices whispering, screaming and singing along the way – this album contains Fly Pan Am’s most intense sounds yet. While each side of the record is anchored by a long, non-linear piece juxtaposing the band against tape and electronic treatments, several tracks are as close as the group came to traditional rock/pop structures, with ‘chorus’ breaks, melodic ‘hooks’ and vocals. Of course, being Fly Pan Am, all of this is duly bracketed – there is nothing traditional about the results, and the various elements are pushed forward or pulled back in anything but conventional ways. These are careening, carnivalesque tunes that somehow wed the browns and pinks of their guitar noise with yeye pop, Boredoms-style noise incantations and hardcore punk. N’Ecoutez Pas features a long list of local guest vocalists to supplant the band’s own oral action, as well as electronic interventions from fellow Montrealers Tim Hecker and Alexandre St-Onge.

Release date: 6 September 2004
Running time: 48:32

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1. Brûlez suivant, suivante!
2. Ex éleveur de renards argents
3. Autant zig-zag
4. Buvez nos larmes de metal
5. Pas à pas step until
6. -
7. Tres tres "retro"
8. Vos reves revers
9. Ce sale désir éfilé qui sortant de ma bouche
10. Le faux pas aimer vous souhaite d'être follement ami

Jonathan Parant: guitar, tapes, electronics, organ, piano, voice
Felix Morel: drums, tapes, electronics, voice
Roger Tellier-Craig: guitar, tapes, electronics, organ, voice
J.S. Truchy: bass, tapes, electronics, voice
Eric Gingras: guitar, organ, voice

Dominique Petrin: vocals on TRACK 7
Tim Hecker: electronics on TRACK 7
Catherine Lemay: vocals on TRACK 6
Alexandre St-Onge: electronics on TRACK 5
Johanna Baumgartner, Karine LeBlanc, Annie Leger, Genevieve Paquette, Guylaine Pelletier, Marie Raphoz (Les Bonzai Kittens): vocals on TRACK 10

Recorded and mixed at the Hotel2Tango in Montreal by Thierry Amar, April 2004. Mastered by Harris Newman.