Clatter For Control
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“[A]n amalgam of ghoulish ambiance, fervent energy, mournful beauty, and, most of all, drastically unconventional yet strangely attractive and enjoyable music.”
Delusions Of Adequacy

“Alternately poised between plangent, hypnotic drones, full-on noise assaults, and clanging rhythmic crashes, Hangedup's musical explorations (both structured and improvised; controlled and chaotic) make for chilly and demanding listening.”
Copper Press

“Hesitek's amplified viola is capable of generating an impressive range of sounds, from a mournful whine to furious, diving whoops and barned shrieks drenched in feedback, while Craven often sets up an opposing salvo of percussion, the two egging each other on to a climatic crescendo.”
The Wire

“Armed only with a viola and drums, HANGEDUP succeeds in creating mechanical yet rich pockets of sound.”
Culture Bunker

“Like a viola/drum version of Lightning Bolt, the duo batter and assault with unbridled punk attitude.”
Signal To Noise

“[T]he latest outing finds the pair stoking a colossal, symbiotic fire of thrashing drums and dive-bombing strings, a sound sometimes so huge it resembles an army.”

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By pushing the boundaries of what a bow and a pair of drumsticks can deliver, the Montreal-based viola and drums duo Hangedup mesmerised audiences for years. The band steadily expanded its strategies and sonics over its 5-year history and was at the peak of its powers with Clatter For Control, the third and final full-length. Gen’s bi-amplified viola rig, linked to a live audio looper, creates a vortex of jigs, reels and air-raid drones, pummeled along by some of the heaviest polyrhythmic skinbeating we’ve ever heard. An unbelievably beautiful racket that finds the band utterly on fire, swooping and slamming around with varying degrees of controlled chaos. Both noisier and more melodic than anything they had yet put to tape, Hangedup raised their compositional and improvisational bars on Clatter For Control. Eric and Gen played as if sharing the same cortex and spine.

“Klang Klang”, “Go Let’s Go” and “Junk The Clatter” are the structured, syncopated anchors for an album that ventures deep into noise and improv territory, drenched in beautiful distortions and saturations, the each player listening and responding to the other. “Fuck This Place” adds electric bass by Harris Newman (solo, Hrsta, Sackville) and also marked Hangedup’s first use of vocals, with Gen screaming through her viola pick-up as the song growls through crackling punches. Quieter textural explorations like “A Different Kind Of Function” offer brief respite from the onslaught.

Release date: 18 April 2005
Running time: 42:56

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1. Klang Klang
2. Alarm
3. A Differant Kind Of Function
4. Kick-Back-Hub
5. Eksplozije
6. Go Let's Go
7. Derailleur
8. Fuck This Place
9. How We Keep Time
10. Junk The Clatter

Eric Craven: sticks
Genevieve Heistek: bows

Harris Newman: bass on TRACK 8

Recorded and mixed at the Hotel2Tango in Montreal by Efrim, 2003-2004. TRACK 7 recorded live at Instant Chavires in Paris by Etienne Foyer. Mastered at Grey Market by Harris Newman.