Sloppy Ground
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“Unequivocally beautiful… A romantic record that calls upon the broad history of improvisation in jazz and country music for its rich pop tone.”

“Unconventional and enjoyable, ‘Sloppy Ground’ is another nice step forward from Chenaux.”

“Sloppy Ground is simultaneously a new page for folk- inspired jams and a classic lesson in songwriting… Although most tracks are centred around a sombre guitar lick reminiscent of the early days of folk, Chenaux manages to layer a convulsive soundscape without killing the intimacy.”
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We have long been champions of the Eric Chenaux’s inimitable talents – as a songwriter, arranger and mind-bending guitarist – and this album should make these talents clear to any listener. This is a collection of beautifully fried love songs, highly original in compositional approach and instrumental texture, and utterly compelling in lyrical content and delivery. As Chenaux says, “the lyrics are more concerned with what love does rather than what it means…the time moving through these tunes is not one of the beginning of love or the end or heartbreak of love (though I love that stuff too) but more often in the middle (the working middle, the in-between)”.

Chenaux has rallied some of Toronto’s finest ‘out’ players for Sloppy Ground, including Nick Fraser on drums, Ryan Driver on amplified melodica and synths, David Prentice on violin, Doug Tielli on 5-string banjo, Martin Arnold on electric tenor banjo, and Aimee Dawn Robinson on electric echo harp. Chenaux’s own guitar work has never been more thrillingly deployed in the context of (relatively) conventional songcraft.

Release date: 19 May 2008 (Europe), 20 May 2008 (rest of world)
Running time: 47:12

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1. Am I Lovely
2. Love Don't Change
3. Rest Your Daylights
4. Have I Lost My Eyes
5. Arms, Legs & Moonlight
6. Boon Harp
7. Old Peculiar
8. Dreaming Of Stars
9. Sloppy Ground

Eric Chenaux: electric guitar, 12 string guitarjo, lap steel, nylon string guitar, vocals
Ryan Driver: melodica, synth
Nick Fraser: drums
David Prentice: violin
Aimée Dawn Robinson: electric Echo harp
Doug Tieli: 5-string banjo
Thierry Amar: double bass
Martin Arnold: electric tenor banjo

Recorded by Jeff McMurrich at Hall Music, Toronto, November 2007. Additional recording by Efrim Menuck at Hotel2Tango, Montréal, December 2007. Mixed and mastered by Harris Newman at Grey Market, Montréal, December 2007.

Gracious acknowledgment to the Ontario Arts Council for their assistance in making this recording.