Vamp Ire
CST089      3x180gLP MP3 FLAC

"Refusing to adhere to a strict aesthetic, Vamp Ire flows more like a meticulously curated compilation of quirky post-punk-era gems. Much like his work with Sandro Perri in Glissandro70 though, there's something irrevocably fresh and new, despite its open celebration of '70s and '80s aesthetics."

"'Ignore Dub' and 'Molle' showcase Kanada 70’s ability to go from serene, elongated stretches of atemporal drone to dissonant, fractured loops without losing aesthetic cohesion. Listen closely. This is music for the blood-sucking, for the unscrupulous extortionist, for the reanimated corpse."
Tiny Mix Tapes

"[Dunsmuir] takes a craftsman’s approach to his programming, merging inspiration with skillful technique… Strings, organic bass lines and bursts of guitar all give Vamp Ire the heft and heartbeat (songs like “Thumas” are joyous and lively enough to make hippies sway) to help the cold, synthetic beats thrive, but Dunsmuir still explores dark, icy minimal soundscapes to force any levity back to where it came. This record is not for the faint of heart, but heart is what the songs possess."

"The collection is quirky, uncompromising, and sparse. 'Molle' seems to draw inspiration from the sound of car engine trying to turn over, as that noisy, frustrating moment — or its sonic twin — is looped into an odd, groovy rhythm. 'Gnaer' features moves-like-Fripp guitar and a simple, small-kit drum arrangement. 'For T.O.' is digital and arrhythmic, with a burrowing synthesizer line and glitchy percussion."
The Muse In Music

"45 minutes of abstract, surprisingly melodic loop arrangements all punched in manually making it a very organic, human sort of album that carries the listener through a whole assortment of influences (Einstürzende Neubauten, Kraut Rock and Fela Kuti) while maintaining a completely original feel throughout."
Sound Color Vibration
Plays Polmo PolpoSandro Perri   CDEP / 180gEP / DL
Glissandro 70Glissandro 70   CD / 180gLP / DL

THIS ALBUM PART OF MUSIQUE FRAGILE VOL. 02 - Limited edition 3x180g LP box set.

Kanada 70 is the home-recording project of Toronto's Craig Dunsmuir, who started giving away CD-R micro-releases under this moniker in 2006. There have been over two dozen K70 titles issued since then – truly a treasure chest of 21st century études, where the repetitive and cyclical nature of mostly loop-based tracks is conditioned by the fact that Dunsmuir plays and punches everything by hand; returns of phrase contain odd stutters and variations, intention and accident collide, and there's an organic immediacy throughout. Vamp Ire spans a wide range of influences, from abstract techno, industrial and noise music to prog-rock, African funk, no wave and metal. The hardest part was selecting only 45 minutes worth! But we think Vamp Ire opens a window to Craig's subtle, introverted and brilliant sensibility.

Dunsmuir is known for his work as one half of Glissandro 70 (with Sandro Perri) and as an encyclopedic musicologist on staff at Toronto's Soundscapes record store. Under his Max Gross alter-ego, Dunsmuir recently remixed "Love & Light" from Sandro Perri's Impossible Spaces album, which will be part of a Perri remix album issued by DFA in summer 2012. Craig also DJs disco 12"s as part of Invisible City Sound System. Other Kanada 70 compilations have appeared as digital releases on Polyphasic, Medusa Editions and Inyrdisk. Vamp Ire marks the first appearance of K70 material on vinyl.

Release date: 26 June 2012
Running time: 38:40

Packaging notes
The Musique Fragile Volume 02 box set 3x180gLP vinyl edition is a silkscreen print extravanganza. Each album comes in its own 2-3 colour screenprinted jacket accompanied by a screenprinted poster, and the three albums are contained in a 2-colour screenprinted slipbox hand-made from thick 100% recycled chipboard.

Please see MUSIQUE FRAGILE VOL. 02 for additional packaging components when this album is purchased as part of the 3-album Musique Fragile set.

1. Ignore Dub I
2. Mou
3. Krankqui
4. Molle
5. Delivery
6. Gnaer
7. Errora High II
8. Chimura
9. For T.O. (Perish)
10. Annoyo
11. Redrag
12. Thumas
13. Redsidled
14. Scorpi
15. Doubles

Craig Dunsmuir

Recorded on a TASCAM digital 8-track in Toronto between 2006-2011 by Craig Dunsmuir.
Compiled in Spring 2012 from the K70 CD-R series
Mastered by Sandro Perri