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Fly Pan Am Frontera

“Driving, atmospheric Kraut aimed squarely at Constellation obsessives. Hard to complain – if you love Godspeed, it'll feel like Christmas came late. Frontera rattles through evocative instrumentals that could soundtrack a neo-giallo cult sci-fi indie flick just as easily as a dance performance. 'Parkour' finds the band layering hoarse hardcore/black metal screams over transcendent synth, sheets of reverberating guitar and a banging, propulsive 4/4, while 'Scanner' centers glassy synths and tripod wails, sounding like a bad trip in an abandoned space station. 'Scaling' and 'Body Pressure' are Hospital Productions gone lower case, and album closer 'Frontier' might be the high point of the whole thing, sounding like weightless French exotica that floats slowly to the surface before being drowned in static.” 
“Some of the most exciting compositions Fly Pan Am have given us so far... The band launch straight into it with lead single, "Grid/Wall" – a sweltering psych passage, with post-rock leanings that operate in a similar vein to when Do Make Say Think produced their own 24 carat gold nugget in End of Music. The Canadian collective have found their niche and with it they really haven’t sounded better.”
Sun 13
“The album begins with a sonic surge, followed by crunchy field recordings and a persistent drum. The guitars wait in the wings like anxious dancers... There’s a give and take between beats and textures, as drone elements enter to disorient and unnerve. The three closing tracks unfold as a triptych, settling on a tempo akin to a heartbeat: the machines retreat to reveal a human heart. The guitars rise one last time, dissolving into a cascade of drums, then a sudden cut-off. One thinks of lives snuffed out too soon, and wonders, is anybody listening?” 
A Closer Listen
"[Frontera] finds the supercharged multi-instrumentalists stepping out of their comfort zone and flirting with motorik beats and contains flashes of anxiety inducing, electronically disorientating art rock, the sort of thing that recalls the headier moments of Talking Heads’ Remain In Light. Much like the crossings it refers to, passages of sound come and go erratically, swirling one moment and crashing to a standstill the next. Desolate airstreams clash with marching drums on Grid / Wall and chainmail barriers shake intimidatingly under tension on the appropriately titled Fences. Brooding insect noise ripples through Scanner, and Frontier is a worthy ancestor of Remain In Light’s The Great Curve with its hints of dystopian automation."
"Post-rock, kosmiche and electronica meet on Frontera, a soundtrack that Fly Pan Am composed for Montréal-based dance company Animals Of Distinction. Featuring eight tracks of tense, dynamic and artful avant-garde music, there’s loads to be loved here."

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Deluxe 180gram vinyl edition pressed at Optimal (Germany) in jacket and artworked inner printed with UV matte varnished inks, includes 12”x36” fold-out art insert and DL card.

CD mini-gatefold jacket printed on premium Spectro artboard includes 6-panel art insert.


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