T. Gowdy On His Favourite Constellation Releases


As we announced T. Gowdy's Miracles, we asked the Berlin-based producer & audiovisual artist to select his favourite five releases from our catalog. 

The pictures below were taken in Constellation co-founder Don Wilkie's apartment (adjacent to our warehouse/office) in Montreal. 

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"Listening to this album feels like being in a car on a massively long suspension bridge. The bridge just keeps going and going, like a life-sized kaleidoscope. As the ride continues, the skies change from muted shades of blue, to yellow and then to purple. There's a delightful sound in the air and you turn around from the front seat to identify the source, only to realize that it is just the sound of crunching snow playing at half speed from the built in speakers of a two inch tape machine welded into the back seat of the automobile. No one is wearing any clothes."

"This is one of my favourite albums ever produced. It is beyond what 'music' is. I am humbled by Matthew Patton's level of restraint in these compositions. I would take this album to a desert island. There's nothing more to say."

"You know how watching an internet live stream concert from your home during lockdown got really umm... 'fun'? Listen to this album and you'll forget you did any of that. I used to sneak out of my house to see punk rock shows when I was 16 because I had to be present for the raw sound. When I listen to Sofa's Grey, I get this same burning desire, to sneak out of my house, to witness this raw energy in the flesh."


"Boredom, ecstasy, humiliation, aversion, elation, pleasure, distrust, serenity, jealousy, emptiness, euphoria, mischievousness, schadenfreude, dejection, love. These are certainly some of the many emotions that Fly Pan Am felt and bottled up over the 15 years they lay dormant before dropping this textural masterpiece, full of gooey, tapey goodness, buoyant energy and opiatic warmth. Humans are bonding mammals and I when I listen to this album I luxuriate in the feeling of connectedness."

"Two feelings that I long to remember, as I hurdle through the chaos of time, are youthfulness and grace, both of which are oozing from this early Silver Mt. Zion ceremonial offering. For me, this record offers a borderline religious experience and it carries me to a portal where I am then transported to a different time, a time that may have never actually existed. This journey makes me feel undeniably real."


Tim holding a test pressing of his new album MIRACLES [cst165]