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    CST180  180gLP • CD • DL

    Release date: 13 September 2024

    Duration: 44:31


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    “It's electric, alt rock on an epic scale, a dark matters drum beat, the mountainous face of mass guitars, the vaulted synth strings and barely constrained feedback chaos. This is the sound of doubt and anguish given voice through a pleading vocal which bites without any unnecessary gothic melodrama. Signs are on every level WAWBARC’s first soundscape will be essential.” - BACKSEAT MAFIA

    WE ARE WINTER’S BLUE AND RADIANT CHILDREN (WAWBARC) is the new quartet of Mat Ball (Big Brave), Efrim Manuel Menuck (Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Thee Silver Mt. Zion), and Jonathan Downs and Patch (both Ada). On “NO MORE APOCALYPSE FATHER” they present six modal lullabies drenched in seared distortion, slathered across striding electronic pulses. Ball and Menuck began creating music in and for the bleakest moments of Montréal winters: “We’re honoring that idea of winter, when you come inside and your house is warm, a place that only exists because of how cold it is outside,” says Menuck. They later recruited Downs and Patch to flesh out their initial ideas. Menuck met them in 2015 when recording Ada’s final self-titled album at Montréal’s Hotel2Tango, the same studio where they combined to make this record.

    “NO MORE APOCALYPSE FATHER” is an album about witnessing bleakness from a place of safety. Carrying newfound descriptive depth, thanks to the quartet’s open-ended songs freeing him from writing in meter, Menuck likens his lyrics to photorealism. On opener ‘Rats and Roses’ he sings of an unnamed city struck by an unknown cataclysm, but the details are local: specifically, his neighbors inadvertently poisoning birds when tackling a rat infestation. It’s backed by blown out synths and guitars reaching a soaring crescendo. “Seeing things from a distance and not being able to intervene happens a lot on the record,” Menuck explains. “If you’re a feeling and thinking person, that’s just part of the human condition. We watch horror unfolding from afar, unable to do anything concrete to change it.”

    A powerless witness, able to describe but not intervene. ‘Dangling Blanket From A Balcony (White Phosphorous)’ references Michael Jackson holding his child over a hotel balcony in 2002—the bizarre media spectacle still lodged in Menuck’s psyche. This and the album’s closing track also elegize white phosphorous, a technology of war designed to light up battlefields but capable of inflicting horrific burns on those it touches. Illumination and horror in one, here underpinning scenes picturesque and terrifying. “The last song ‘(Goodnight) White Phosphorous’ is deliberately like a lullaby,” says Menuck. “Written from the viewpoint of watching white phosphorous falling outside your window.”

    Scorched and tarnished and laden with harrowing imagery, “NO MORE APOCALYPSE FATHER” is also a record bathed in light: the bewilderment of hopeful spirits witnessing despair, watching a blizzard of distress unfold outside from a place of relative shelter and comfort. You could call that emotional ambivalence, maybe numbness. But those words are too passive for the weight of conflicted feeling resonating through the album.

    “I never know how I feel on an overcast day when the sun is still bright despite the grayness and the light is very flat. The colours become more saturated, and you see a single flower, say a morning glory, whose colour is so vibrant beneath the gray, I don’t know if that’s a lovely sensation or a terrible sensation. It’s both,” says Menuck.

    Daryl Worthington, April 2024


    180gram vinyl pressed at Optimal (DE) comes in 350gsm jacket with 300gsm inner sleeve + 300gsm 12”x12” art card, all printed LE-UV on uncoated Alaska artboard. Includes DL card.

    CD comes in a custom mini-gatefold cardstock jacket with inner dust sleeve for the disc.


    Patch One: Lapsteel, Bass, Ghost Drums, Tape Collage, Voice
    Jonathan Downs: Electric Guitar, Synth, Voice
    Mathieu Ball: Electric Guitar
    Efrim Manuel Menuck: Matriarch, Guitar, Voice

    Recorded at Thee Might Hotel2Tango and flooded basement August 12-24 2023.

    Mixed by Seth Manchester at Machines With Magnets.
    Mastered by Heba Kadry.

    Front cover art by Christopher Rivera.
    Inner sleeve art by Patch One.