Do Make Say Think
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“Instrumental loveliness by way of bass and drums fronted by delayed guitars and serious keyboards… [A]n impressive debut that you can throw on and leave on and enjoy right to the end of the lovely 20-minute closing track.”

“[A]n album of stunning quality.”
Café Bliss

“[A] sonic treat…the whole album feels like the soundtrack to a surreal drive through Toronto's warehouse district at five in the morning.”
Broken Pencil

“The songs bear…the seal of careful love and pure craftsmanship, along with minute attention to detail; it's a purely instrumental album awash in reverb guitar and scintillating synths.”

“Like a slow drip, the rhythms presented on this record hypnotize with repetitive, almost maddening nonchalance.”
Copper Press

“[G]orgeous tones and textures and inventive fusion of sampled sounds and retro analogue keyboards and drums… There's more detail in the CD sleeve alone…than most bands put into an album.”
Sunday Times (UK)

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Do Make Say Think self-released this debut album in Toronto in 1997, and we heard it the following spring. The band’s infectious spacerock-cum-swing approach to sweeping instrumentals, and their brilliant realisation of the potentials of 8-track recording, hooked us instantly. Rhythm syncopation, reverb-soaked guitar, the occasional horn, and some of the finest saturated synth tones we’ve ever heard – this record conjures up rainy streets and wet cigarettes with the best of them. A classic modern lounge album that also shreds, with widescreen breakbeat blissouts driven by punk-rock guitars. An exuberant debut, containing all the building blocks DMST has been transforming into sublime music architectures ever since.

Release date (band self-release): 1997
Release date (Constellation): 8 March 1999
Running time: 72:44

Packaging notes
CD gatefold jacket made from 100lb. textured uncoated cardstock with foil-embossed text and window cut.  Three different two-sided duotone insert cards can be interchanged to show through the front cover window cut.  A fourth insert card contains credit info.

1. 1978
2. Le'espalace
3. If I Only...
4. Highway 420
5. Dr. Hooch
6. Disco and Haze
7. Onions
8. The Fare To Get There

Ohad Benchetrit: guitar, bass, saxophone, flute
Jason McKenzie: keyboards, effects
Dave Mitchell: drums
James Payment: drums
Justin Small: guitar
Charles Spearin: bass, guitar, trumpet

Recorded and mixed at CIUT Radio in Toronto by Do Make Say Think, July 1997. TRACKS 2, 6, 8 recorded at some school for the arts by Charles, Ohad, Peter, JR and Adam, September 1996.