The Principles Of Science
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“A warm swoon of gentle, eerie, roots-inspired music.”

“Experimentalists who give the raw elements of mountain music an avant-garde twist…at times starkly beautiful, but just as often icily transfixing, stalled in slow motion.”

“The music seeps into your head slowly, gently easing its way into your consciousness like a slow trickle of water through a cracked window. The gentle, finger-picked guitar melodies seem almost fragile, their notes guarded and supported by languorous piano and mournful violin. Nothing is rushed.”

“[The Principles of Science] concentrates their broken down roots Americana into a melancholy mish mash of heartfelt poignancy. Slow and moving, Sackville’s singer/songwriter/guitarist Gabe Levine displays a featherweight touch as he draws half seen sketches of half seen situations.”

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Sackville released two albums on Montreal label Mag Wheel through the mid-90s, and then brought these five songs to Constellation as the group was winding down. Sackville made wonderfully damaged roots music, charting a path through country and pop traditions while distilling a wider range of folk, rock and avant influences. The Principles of Science is their most cohesive, accomplished and modern work, driven by Gabe Levine’s vocals and finger-picked acoustic guitar. Violin by band co-founder Genevieve Heistek (Pest 5000) is rich in drones and understated melodic accents. Bassist Harris Newman (Howard North) and guitarist/pianist Ian Ilavsky (Sofa) add to certain tracks, and drummer Pat Conan (Tinker) joins the band on two songs, highlighted by his sparse, expressive playing on “Four-Alarm Fire”. A guest vocal appearance by Jessica Moss on “If His Shadow Moves on the Water” rounds out the cast of Montreal musicians involved in these sessions, which took place at Mom and Pop Sounds and at the Constellation Room in 1998. Our first 10" slab of vinyl.

Release date 10 May 1999
Running time: 23:10

Packaging notes

1. Gold Dust
2. If His Shadow Moves On The Water
3. Blue Lips
4. Four-Alarm Fire
5. The Principles Of Science

Pat Conan: drums
Genevieve Heistek: violin, vocals
Ian Ilavsky: piano, organ, guitar
Gabe Levine: vocals, lyrics, guitar
Harris Newman: bass

Jessica Moss: voice on TRACK 2

Recorded and mixed by Howard Bilerman at Mom and Pop Sounds in Montreal, winter 1998. Piano and acoustic guitar recorded at the Constellation Room. Mastered by Harris Newman.