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“[I]n its hectic beauty ‘Hangedup’ ends up being one of the more impressive instrumental records to see release in the recent memory.”
Basement Life

“[E]qual parts scratchy noise-noodling and Branca-esque drones with some almost poppy…viola/drums robot music thrown in for good measure.”

“The beautifully grating tones that Heistek tears from her instrument collide with Craven's monolithically thumping rhythms in a way that's every bit as genre-bending as Tony Conrad's 1972 pow-wow with Faust, ‘Outside The Dream Syndicate’.”
The Wire

“[A] haunting minimalism with a ghostly ballroom feel…”
Goudy Stout

“HangedUp goes from mild and soothing to jagged to completely rocking out, sometimes within the course of one song. Genevieve Heistek coaxes some of the most amazing string sounds of her viola that I've ever heard from one, and Eric Craven keeps things interesting on the rhythm section by banging and clanging in all sorts of ways.”

“[D]elivers raw songs played with rock-n-roll might… Hangedup hurt so bad it's achingly good.”
Beat (Australia)

Kicker In TowHangedup   CD / LP / DL
Clatter For ControlHangedup   CD / 180gLP / DL

This self-titled debut album is another in a series of raw and intimate sessions recorded on the 8-track reel-to-reel deck at the original Hotel2Tango in 1999-2000. The powerful live sound of this unique duo is perfectly captured by Efrim (GYBE, SMZ), who engineered the record. Eric Craven’s inimitable drumming invokes the polyrhythmic neo-tribalism of The Ex and Dog Faced Hermans while Genevieve Heistek uses a loop pedal to build real-time drones on her amped-up viola and saws away at double-stop madness over top. The pieces on Hangedup range from borderline musique concrete experimentation to 80s new wave pop extrapolations, bound by a minimalist but muscular agenda throughout. Cameo appearances by electric bass and overdubbed effects provide additional well-placed thrust, but this duo can rock as hard as anyone all on their own. A superb debut that set the stage for further unparalleled drum-n-string attacks on the albums that followed.

Release date: 21 May 2001 (Europe), 29 May 2001 (rest of world)
Running time: 43:29

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1. Winternational
2. Propane Tank
3. Powered By Steam
4. New Blue Monday
5. Tapping
6. Czech Disco Pt.II
7. Wilt
8. Bring Yr Scuba Gear

Eric Craven: drums
Genevieve Heistek: viola

Ian: bass on TRACKS 3,8
Efrim: extra stuff on TRACK 8

Recorded at the mighty Hotel2Tango in Montreal by Efrim. Mixed at Mom & Pop Sounds in Montreal by Efrim, Ian and Hangedup. Mastered by Harris Newman.