Stand With The Stillness Of This Day
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“[D]ark, staggering, emphatic, emotionally-roused tunes that make like mantra-ish takes on modern blues.”

“Vajagic's ability to translate her emotional reality is breathtaking.”
Delusions Of Adequacy

“The music is doomladen, semi-abstract folk and blues based, with most tracks lengthily drawn out. Vajagic's voice is a powerful instrument...”
The Wire

“Vajagic does more than just sing the lyrics; she hurls them like arrows. Each word pierces the skin and hurts like hell.”
Foxy Digitalis

“[A] powerful weave of subdued electric guitar, cello, piano and drums with a voice somewhere between Chan Marshall and Hugo Largo's Mimi Goese.”
Notes from the Undergound

“Elizabeth Anka Vajagic sings in tongues, guttaral, dramatic, defiant, subdued - and all at once… A voice like a chanteuse with the freedom to grumble and stare into the darkness as well as light, she paves her own destiny.”

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With this debut recording, Elizabeth Anka Vajagic sets her vocals against a backdrop led by ragged guitars, moving from harrowing, dry-as-a-bone intimacy (“With Hopes Lost”, “Iceland”) to reverb-soaked torch-song balladry (“Around Here”, “Sleep With Dried Up Tears”), and the odd explosive noise freak-out along the way (“Where You Wonder”). Vajagic’s voice and lyrics are uniquely powerful, able to move across a considerable range while remaining guttural, unflinching and honest as hell. Through much cross-pollination with the local noise/improv scene, Elizabeth assembled a fine cast of players to add textures and arrangements to the seven tracks on this record, making for an intense cycle of songs peppered with skittering drums, contrebasse, cello, harmonium, piano, bowed cymbals, and oud. Guest players include Chris Burns and Simon Fazakerly (Crackpot) on guitars, Beckie Foon (Silver Mt. Zion, Esmerine) on cello, Michel Langevin (Voivod) on drums, Fluffy Erskine (Molasses, Hrsta) on musical saw, Sam Shalabi (Land Of Kush) on oud and Efrim (GYBE, SMZ) on piano, harmonium, guitar and backing vocals. The album was recorded by Howard Bilerman at the original Hotel2Tango in Montreal.

Release date: 14 March 2004 (Europe), 15 March 2004 (rest of world)
Running time: 42:25

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1. With Hopes Lost
2. Around Here
3. Where You Wonder
4. Iceland
5. Why
6. And The Sky Lay Still
7. Sleep With Dried Up Tears

E.A.V.: guitar, baby piano, voice
Chris Burns: guitar
Michel Langevin: drums
Marc Peetsma: bass

Fluffy Erskine: saw on TRACK 2
Simon Fazakerly: guitar on TRACK 5
Beckie Foon: cello on TRACKS 1, 3
Efrim Menuck: piano, voice on TRACK 1; harmonium on TRACK 3; guitar on TRACK 6
Sam Shalabi: oud on TRACK 6

Recorded and mixed at the Hotel2Tango in Montreal by Howard Bilerman, winter 2003. Mastered by Harris Newman.