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“This is a truly unmissable record standing out among a season of great albums… Montreal’s Clues have created a magnificent, off-kilter, decimated orchestral epic of a record…”

“On their startling, intricate debut, Montreal’s Clues enter the alternate universe of the Flaming Lips for a blast of contemporary underground pop driven by angular arrangements and gritty noise. Sudden and unexpected, Clues lead listeners on in a glorious way.”

“This album has perfectly planted twists, turns, and tempo changes, and the tone of the album, if plotted on a chart, would move rapidly up and down… The album is strong start to finish, without a misstep or a track out of place… [T]his is one of the most important albums of the decade.”

“The LP sparkles… From start to finish, Clues packs in surprises… ‘In The Dream’ is delightfully unsettling and mysterious, and ‘Perfect Fit’ is a mini schizophrenic symphony with constantly changing tempos.”

“Rich and fulsome, exciting and extremely melodic… A standout album of 2009. No question.”
Oceans Never Listen

“An eclectic mish-mash of styles and moods—not only from song to song, but even within the same tune, as Clues prefer non-linear structures to typical verse-chorus-verse patterns. It’s a perfect mix of catchy pop and off-the-wall weirdness, and a brilliant addition to the Montreal indie rock canon.”

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This is the wondrous debut record from Clues. Co-founders Alden Penner and Brendan Reed quietly nurtured this project in Montreal after the demise of their respective bands, Unicorns and Les Angles Morts. As a member of the short-lived Unicorns, Penner’s songwriting prowess was unveiled in a bright burst of mysterious and kaleidoscopic energy, in the form of a single full-length album (released in 2003) and countless live shows.

Penner’s voice, guitar and unique lyrical vision guide Clues on this debut with humble authority, originality and intent. Wedded to Reed’s superlative compositional and arranging acumen (and awesome drumming, among other instrumental skills) and abetted by multi-instrumentalists Ben Borden, Lisa Gamble, and Nick Scribner, the band entered the Hotel2Tango studio (with Radwan Moumneh engineering) to lay down eleven songs in a feverish session during a Montreal winter deep freeze. The resulting album radiates a very special warmth and urgency, full of secrets, smiles, snarls and sing-a-longs.

This record yields one undeniable tune after another, cohering effortlessly in spite of the restless energy and distinct identity of each song – nothing ever really sounds or stays the same, but neither are there any forced spastics or facile schizophrenics. Forged from postpunk, no-wave and psych influences, Clues compose a rare breed of complex pop anthems that consistently inscribe their own perfect limits, without overreaching and without pandering. The overriding aesthetic avoids ornate decadence and stringent economy in equal measure. An authentic, unfussy and stirringly epic little sonic world unfolds: idiosyncratic and enigmatic, but exuberantly infectious and approachable.

Release date: 18 May 2009 (Europe), 19 May 2009 (rest of world)
Running time: 42:28

Packaging notes
The CD and LP jackets are offset-printed on uncoated paperboard, using metallic and full colour inks. Original kites by Leyla Majeri, photos by Yannick Grandmont, and composite image by Brendan Reed. Includes a 4-colour insert.

1. Haarp
2. Remember Severed Head
3. Approach The Throne
4. In The Dream
5. You Have My Eyes Now
6. Perfect Fit
7. Elope
8. Cave Mouth
9. Crows
10. Ledmonton
11. Lets Get Strong

Ben Borden: synths, bass, vocals
Lisa Gamble: drums, bass, vocals
Alden Penner: voice, guitar, piano, organ
Brendan Reed: drums, bass, guitar, vocals
Nick Scribner: guitar, organ, synths, vocals

Thierry Amar
Noah Cannon
Nathan Gage
Ben Howden
Louisa Sage

Recorded by Radwan Moumneh at Hotel2Tango. Additional recording by Mark Lawson at Petite Eglise and Efrim Menuck at H2T. Mixed by Radwan Moumneh & Clues at H2T. Mastered at Grey Market by Harris Newman.