Kollaps Tradixionales
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"Kollaps Tradixionales shows this pared down Silver Mt. Zion in ferocious form, the stark beauty of their music reinforced with a renewed fire in their bellies. As usual, I am completely blown away by their music."

"Filled with empowering hope...
[A] snarlier sound that once again serves as an invigorating reconstruction of folk and rock idioms with punk spirit… Kollaps Tradixionales is a pure, righteous document of a Silver Mt. Zion."

"Theirs is a world of truth, attachment, and fidelity, where hearts are worn on sleeves, instruments are tuned to their sincerest settings, and a peculiarly intense gospel is sung... This is a music that not only comes after (rock, capitalism, isolation) but also, crucially, goes after."
Pop Matters

"[A]n outstanding album... The three-part centrepiece from which the album derives its name initially explores bleak territory, [but concludes] with a grandeur that practically commands a salute."
Music Omh

"Thee Silver Mt. Zion have incrementally evolved from a meditative, mostly instrumental orchestro-folk ensemble into an imposingly heavy, politically enraged rock band, with [Efrim] Menuck emerging as the most seething, peculiar agit-punk mouthpiece since Guy Picciotto."

"[H]inging upon de facto leader Efrim Menuck’s strangulated vocals and febrile guitar whilst all around him whinnying strings soar and surge, drums pound like a vast cetacean heartbeat and strange, elemental noises are wrung from the rafters. The atmosphere is rarely anything less than electric as the band is led like a drunken, rag-clad choir through hymnal chants and crooked round-robins."

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Anchored by the fried electric guitar and plangent voice of band leader Efrim Menuck, Thee Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra (SMZ) returns with its sixth full-length recording and continues to slide comfortably and unforcedly towards an expansive, loose and blues-inflected balladry – not so much the riffing blues shuffle of 13 Blues For Thirteen Moons, but a more languid waltz-time marking an almost smouldering dynamic arc, as heard on the new album’s opening track “There Is A Light” and closer “’Piphany Rambler”. Driven by some of this decade’s more devastating lyrical conjurings of the universal outsider and the thematics of 21st century western psychic oppression, these are no simple paens to the human spirit, but songs of complex, desperate and thorny hope.

With Efrim now the lone guitarist, his shattered oscillating tone and staggered snarling leads collide against one another on tape, framed by a swirling widescreen backdrop of dual violins (Jessica & Sophie) serving up arpeggiated runs and modernist strokes that counterbalance and destabilize the more conventional progressions at the core of any given song or movement. The upright bass work as always plays a similar role, fluidly moving from harmonic anchor to counterpoint to adventurous extrapolation, displaying Thierry’s fluency and alliance with free jazz, improv and out music. The way all these strings push and pull, with their own multiplicity of influences, against those punk rock ‘lektrik guitars has long been one of SMZ’s crucial and inimitable strengths. It is on fine display in many exciting new guises on the new album, and the band’s freshest member, drummer David Payant, does a wonderful job playing into and off of this heady brew.

Release date: 8 February 2010 (Europe), 16 February 2010 (rest of world)
Running time: 54:29

Packaging notes
CD comes in a custom gatefold jacket printed on 100% recycled 18pt. paperboard with a matte UV varnish. Raw disc is in a 12pt. chipboard sleeve. Package also includes a fold-out 5"x10" lyric/credit insert.

2x10" comes in a thick 24pt. wide-spine jacket with the same CD lyric/credit insert and a 9"x18" full-colour poster printed on felt texture paper. First pressing of 2x10" includes a 16-page perfect-bound booklet featuring duotone collages by Efrim and a foil-stamped cover, all printed on 100% recycled text and cover stocks; limited edition booklet also includes a 7"x14" fold-out poster.

1. There Is A Light
2. I Built Myself A Metal Bird
3. I Fed My Metal Bird The Wings Of Other Metal Birds
4. Kollapz Tradixional (Thee Olde Dirty Flag)
5. Collapse Traditional (For Darling)
6. Kollaps Tradicional (Bury 3 Dynamos)
7. 'Piphany Rambler

Thierry Amar: contrabass, vocals
Efrim Menuck: voice, guitar
Jessica Moss: violin, vocals
David Payant: drums, vocals
Sophie Trudeau: violin, vocals

Gordon Allen: trumpet
Adam Kinner: trombone
Matana Roberts: saxophone
Jason Sharp: saxophone

Recorded at Hotel2Tango by Howard Bilerman and Radwan Moumneh, summer-fall 2009. Mastered at Grey Market by Harris Newman.