Silent Your Body is Endless
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"Focusing on acoustic and electric guitars as his sound sources alongside field recordings and heavy processing, Ramolo produces sublime textures that flit between dense swathes of tones and percussive glitches to almost painful sparseness."
Fluid Radio

"A complete album that will haunt your dreams long after you've left this shattered orb."
Hour Magazine

"Blends acoustic and electric guitar figures with field recordings, processing the signals with digital interventions into chiming and droning soundscapes that leave listeners free-floating and immersed in worlds reminiscent of the deep sea, boundless desert, or deep space…"Hushed Pulse of the Universe" reads like a Darwinian history of creation with a Taoist bent, single note organisms oscillating and evolving into whirring, complex textures as a late-arriving percussion-pulse signals that all this goes on within us, too."
Blurt Online

"Delves into spaces familiar to fans of Brian Eno, Iannis Xenakis or Pan Sonic, creating dense soundscapes subtle enough that you almost forget it's on, until a bristle of noise jolts you back into reality."

"'Silent Your Body is Endless', though full of gorgeous resonant billows, is also crawling with intense, fricative detail...Ramolo has honed an idiosyncratic negotiation of acoustic elements – notably guitar, piano and field recordings – with electronics, a negotiation which is both wide-eyed and stricken with vague foreboding."

"Shimmering electro-acoustic pieces of supreme beauty…His treated electric and acoustic guitars, chimes and sundry effects have an ethereal, almost dirge-like quality, especially the funereal closer 'One is the Other', which should have fans of Arvo Part or Brian Eno rushing for that repeat button."
Canuckistan Music
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Khôra is the work of Toronto-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Matthew Ramolo. He created Silent Your Body Is Endless in complete isolation and self-released it in a tiny private-press CD edition in 2009. The album was then re-sequenced, re-mixed and re-mastered in collaboration with Constellation for inclusion in the label's inaugural edition of its Musique Fragile series.

Matthew's initial CD copies of Silent Your Body Is Endless (available by writing him at his website) trickled through a few hands in Montreal in 2009. The album went to the top of CKUT's music charts within a week of being aired, and garnered well-deserved praise from the smatterings of music press that managed to stumble across it (see sidebar).

Ramolo's Khôra project is based chiefly on acoustic/electric guitar and field recordings, with extensive signal processing and digital interventions conditioning these sources to create an immersive soundworld of drones, chimes, rings and other pointillistic sonics. His longform compositions contain lovely stretches of relatively unprocessed and fully recognisable guitar work, with picking patterns and chord sequences that evolve/devolve into more signal-bent and DSP soundscapes. The results are highly organic and meditative while retaining plenty of icy shards, bubbling distortions and passages of controlled monumentalism, making this anything but an ambient listen.

Release date:
01 November 2010 as part of Musique Fragile Vol. 01
03 April 2012 as stand-alone vinyl (limited) and digital album
Running time: 45:36

Packaging notes
180 gram virgin vinyl LP pressing comes in a thick 25pt chipboard jacket with 3-colour silkscreen print in black, burgundy and metallic gold inks. LP includes an 11"x22" silkscreen poster. Jacket design by Matthew Ramolo. Poster design by Joe Dodaro.

Please see MUSIQUE FRAGILE VOL. 01 for additional packaging components when this album is purchased as part of the 3-album Musique Fragile set.

1. Natura Naturans
2. Hushed Pulse of the Universe
3. Body Aperture
4. The Desert and the Scream
5. One is the Other

Everything composed, performed, recorded and mixed by Matthew Ramolo.