Affaires Étrangères
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"Pacha’s Affaires Étrangères is bold, cultured, and potent, downright geothermal with synthesizer and rowdy with percussion. Early signs point to a psychedelic throwback; take L’Aeroport De Charlo,' which opens Affaires with cracking snare, Woodstock synth, and a blinding keyboard lick, too fast to call a hook. But by the time we reach 'Tunel,' with its Interzone-inspired drums and belly dancing synth, we already know this to be something much more complex and exigent."
The Muse in Music

"An exuberant, percussion-heavy album pitting a full-on polyrhythmic barrage of drums against keening, Middle-Eastern-inspired synth and organ."

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THIS ALBUM PART OF MUSIQUE FRAGILE VOL. 02 - Limited edition 3x180g LP box set.

Pacha is the solo work of percussionist Pierre-Guy Blanchard, who recorded this album at home with engineer Radwan Moumneh in 2009 and subsequently self-released it in a tiny run of CD-Rs. Affaires Étrangères features intensely satisfying rhythm-heavy instrumentals often propelled by fried, amped-up Middle-Eastern synth lines and sprinkled with guitar, bass and oud along with the odd looped field recording. Think early Trans Am if they had come out of Cairo or Beirut, or Oneida in their motorik mode and with an Arabic pop fixation.

Blanchard received a BA in music in 2003, majoring in percussion performance, and then escaped the 'new music' trajectory by traveling extensively and immersing himself in Middle Eastern and Balkan traditions, studying under various masters and playing with a wide range of regional groups. During his periods back in Canada he performed in countless ensembles and first came to Constellation's attention when he was recruited as guest percussionist for Black Ox Orkestar and ultimately appeared on that group's Nisht Azoy album, about which Tiny Mix Tapes wrote "Blanchard's freeform jazz-indebted playing opens the album up to even more adventurous terrain…the second leg plays like a Balkan Henry Cow". Pierre-Guy has also performed regularly with Sam Shalabi's jazz/psych/arabic orchestra Land Of Kush.

Constellation re-sequenced and remastered the Affaires Étrangères CD-R for vinyl and is proud to be giving this album a more substantial life. It marks Blanchard' first attempt at a definitive musical statement of his own and we think it succeeds wildly.

Release Date: 26 June 2012
Running time: 38:03

Packaging notes
The box set 3x180gLP vinyl edition is a silkscreen print extravanganza. Each album comes in its own 2-3 colour screenprinted jacket accompanied by a screenprinted poster, and the three albums are contained in a 2-colour screenprinted slipbox hand-made from thick 100% recycled chipboard.

1. L'Aeroport De Charlo
2. Macedonian Mind
3. Modern Malaise
4. La Gare De Podgorica
5. Tunel
6. Ankara
7. Starcevo
8. Le Soviet

Music by Pierre Guy Blanchard

Recorded in February 2009 at home in Charlo NB and mixed at the Hotel2Tango in Montreal.
Recorded and mixed by Radwan Ghazi Moumneh.
Mastered by Harris Newman at Greymarket.
Produced by Pierre Guy Blanchard and Radwan Moumneh

Jérémie Roy plays bass, guitar and tape loops on tracks 1, 3, 4, 6.
Omar Dewachi plays saz and oud on track 6