Plurality Trip
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"Every sound and sample feels custom-built here, tailor-fit into the layers (and layers, and layers) that compose its seven tracks...It's the sort of experimental electronica that rewards deep dives and layer-by-layer excavations. And to that effect, it's well worth the effort: Plurality Trip is fascinating wormhole to get lost exploring the nuances of."

“The richness of ideas, and the unique sounds that Joyfultalk awaken with their music displays the extensive capabilities of Crocker and Dicey. Through Plurality Trip the duo manages to create an album that stretches between genres, creating connective tissue to build its own distinct identity. It is a work that relies on its atmospheric strength, exploring the mystical locations of Nova Scotia's South Sore in a cinematic way.”

“The record draws from dark trance, techno and dub as well as Krautrock, shifting, turning and evolving with every micro-shift, fusing the influences of the organic and the inorganic. The result is totally mesmerizing."
The Line of Best Fit

"Invigorating stuff, jumping from the atmospheric, almost ecclesiastical notes of ‘Future Energy Fields I’ to the thumping, woozy beats of ‘Monocult’. ‘Real life VII’ sounds like an extraterrestrial radio transmission that reaches a crescendo of bleeps, fuzzes and alarm-like arpeggios."
Electronic Sound (Sept 2018)


“JOYFULTALK’s debut full-length MUUIXX is the most recent example of instrumental ingenuity in Canadian music without question. Crocker scored all 14 instruments, and the song's rhythms and harmonies, before he even recorded anything. He used his own Planetary Music System, an invented scoring methodology that’s a circular rather than linear form of arrangement and notation. Then he played most of the parts start to finish, where possible, rather than loop or sample the pieces. Honestly, this process sounds insanely intricate, and mostly theoretical. But still, Muuixx is a hypnotic composition that offers surface enjoyment (‘Throw it on at a party or whatever,’ he shrugs) or tonal complexities and challenges for the careful listener. It’s mobile, groovy, intense and original.”

“A daring and eloquent combination of both his improv and compositional tendencies, MUUIXX is Crocker’s most realized material to date, its ten instrumental tracks moving seamlessly through swelling komische melodies, avant hip-hop beats, and sci-fi soundscapes. The overall tone and palette of the record is bright and curious. It’s a surprisingly accessible body of work, despite its deeply experimental underpinnings. The album was conceived in the style of Crocker’s large-ensemble work, with minute details meticulously scored by hand for his arsenal of modified instruments: The Combover, The Rainman, The Cheadle, and The Pink Dolphin. Crocker’s inventions—previously tools for impetuous trial-and-error—are imbued with a distinctive identity and newfound purpose in the music of JOYFULTALK. ‘I see them as players,’ Crocker explains. ‘I came out here and felt really isolated because there definitely aren’t any improv nights or collaborators around. So I had to go even deeper into the work. I use them this way now because I don’t have anything else.’”

“There is much to be admired about Crocker’s latest work. Following up the Sappy Tape from 2014 and his simmering remix of Hey Mother Death’s “Snake Power” from earlier in 2015, he sounds at home on JOYFULTALK’s Drip Audio debut. He captures with ease the kind of humorous aloofness and dazzling originality that has been a hallmark of his career. Even without knowing the intricate details of its creation, fans of early German electronic and contemporary experimental music should find much to appreciate throughout this record.”

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From a secluded outpost on Nova Scotia's mystical South Shore, the junked-analogue sounds of JOYFULTALK conjure micro-climate trance music. The brainchild of instrument builder and alchemist Jay Crocker, joined by multi-instrumentalist Shawn Dicey (Ox, Lab Coast), JOYFULTALK offers up instrumental compositions that flow like wordless rivers and glitching fields of electric grass, through a bric-a-brac vocabulary of handmade electronics. Their music channels a sonic regionalism influenced by the craggy treelines and babbling brooks of Lunenburg county, with gnarled jamscapes rendering natural spaces in a hazy parallel universe, navigating the astral plane by way of their rugged Maritime environs.
Following a fabled career as an avant-improv regular and go-to homespun producer in Calgary throughout the early aughts, Crocker relocated to a grandiose, piecemeal residence tucked into the treeline along the Petite River in Crousetown, a blink-and-you-miss-it Nova Scotia hamlet, in 2011. Without a social outlet or music communit,, Crocker began inventing his own musical partners (The Pink Dolphin, The Cheadle): a cast of modded synths and cobbled instruments to salve his isolation and elicit his sense of creative unbalance. The resulting sonic conversations became JOYFULTALK's acclaimed 2015 debut full-length MUUIXX, (released on the essential and adventurous Drip Audio and Backward Music labels) - a record lauded for its unlikely Cluster-meets-RZA grooves.
Following these smatterings of high praise, various Canadian and European live dates alongside such acts as Micachu & The Shapes and Holy Fuck, a couple of home plumbing jobs, some gnarly car repairs, the creation of the Planetary Scoring System (Crocker's own conceptual scoring methodology) and the construction of BIBELOT (a custom-built, gallery-ready set of sixteen ceiling-mounted music boxes), listeners are now graced with Plurality Trip, the second offering from JOYFULTALK.
Plurality Trip is an extension and refinement of the duo's junkshop practices, drawing from contemporary dark trance and techno, while rooted in the outré swamps of krautrock and the refracted webs of noise and dub. Though heavier than its predecessor, the weight is never debilitating - Crocker and Dicey roam the shadows with rugged tones that reveal an expansive core. Pulled into a half-sped ghettotech mirage, woozy on new-age overdose, the listener may be lulled into a key-run reminiscent of Mahmoud Ahmed before eddying into a whirlpool of industrial jank. Heady and skitteringly kinetic, Plurality Trip unfolds like a fever dream shot through with dappled forest light and darkening skies. The result is a superbly idiosyncratic and invigorating take on avant-trance music with few comparisons. Thanks for listening.

Packaging notes
Audiophile 180gram pressing in midnight ultra-black vinyl from Optimal (Germany) comes in a thick 24pt jacket printed on 100% recycled uncoated Orford paperboard with a 12"x24" poster and 320kbps MP3 download card.
1. Future Energy Fields I
2. Monocult
3. Kill Scene
4. Real Life VII
5. Peace Fight
6. You Death March
7. Future Energy Fields II
Release date: 24 Aug 2018
Running time: 33:52

Written, performed, recorded and mixed by Jay Crocker at the Prism Ship in Crousetown, Nova Scotia, 2017
"Kill Scene" written and performed by Jay Crocker and Shawn Dicey
"You Death March" performed by Jay Crocker and Shawn Dicey
Mastered by Harris Newman at Grey Market

We acknowledge the support of the Government of Canada and the Canada Council for the Arts. Nous remercions le government du Canada et le Conseil des arts du Canada de leur soutien.