Sequence One
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"Simple and seductively soothing music which ambles, oscillates and centres itself within the liminal space between silence and structure. This is free-floating music for waking up to; the warm arpeggiated tones soundtracking the welcoming sunrise in the distance in an overly-romanticised vision of sleeping on a beach in some faraway land...This is not background music to soothe away the day. These songs deserve the listener’s attention to enable the lush tones, the ebbs, flows and cadences of the sounds to deliver a sense of quiet ecstatic. Whereas some forms of ambient minimalism can be seen to be driven by intellectual and pseudo musicological motives, this album is emotive at its very core. Light Conductor have made an accomplished album with a retro-futurist sensibility and it is clear that they have moved this project forward under their own terms - long may they continue to do so."
The 405

“If the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey overshot the great apes and instead appeared before a mid-'00s rock band, the moment might culminate in something like Light Conductor. The partnership of Stephen Ramsay (Young Galaxy) and Jace Lasek (Besnard Lakes) offers up five songs in tectonic waves, their instrumentation carefully modulating into a slow-burn intensity. Eleven-minute opener "A Bright Resemblance" lets a ticking pattern anchor its euphoric drift, layering synths to envelop and dissipate with unhurried confidence. "Chapel of the Snows" carries that same pattern into what feels like an extended outro, but finds a different release in the static roar that engulfs its latter half. "Far From the Warming Sun" takes a more inward turn, constructing a foreboding atmosphere out of foggy sounds. The relatively brief three minutes of "When the Robot Hits the Water" feel more transitional than self-sustaining, but it functions as a tonal reset before the most conventional song here: the album-closing "Light Conductor," which drops psych-pop scaffolding onto the album's abstract patterns. Fuzzed-up guitars, thrumming bass and vocals (including from Young Galaxy's Catherine McCandless) bring Sequence One back to Earth in a glorious, harmonic conclusion. After 30-some minutes of abstract sound, refracting it through a tangible structure amplifies all of Sequence One's impact.”

“Light Conductor is the brainchild of Stephen Ramsay of Young Galaxy and Jace Lasek of the Besnard Lakes. Both musicians have explored different territories of indie music, with Ramsay leaning towards an off-kilter dream pop sound and Lasek on a heavier, psychedelic paradigm. When the two come together, the result moves into an experimental drone space, traversed by means of modular synthesis, stripping down their musical identity to its bare bones to produce a mesmerizing trip. Through their minimalism, krautrock sense, psychedelia, and drone alchemical machinations they produce a strong debut.”

“Light Conductor is mood music, soundscapes of simple composition that feel like a journey to some unknown star light years away. A remarkable instrumental piece that will teleport you beyond our universe.”
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Deluxe LP is 180gram heavyweight audiophile midnight ultrablack vinyl pressed at Optimal (Germany) and comes in a thick 24pt/450gsm jacket printed in 2 spot colours (blue + metallic gold) on uncoated 100% recycled paperboard, with a 12"x24" art print poster, and 320kbps MP3 download card. Inside of jacket also printed in metallic gold.



Light Conductor is the twilight slow-burn modular synthesis duo of Young Galaxy’s Stephen Ramsay and Jace Lasek of The Besnard Lakes. Sequence One is their first album: a warm shimmering sonic hug of enveloping drone and hypnotic arpeggiation flowing along buoyant filter-sweeping eddies and waves. Gently immersive like a saltwater bath under a starry sky, Light Conductor make nighttime/sunrise music in widescreen high-fidelity at their vintage-equipped Breakglass Studios in Montréal, pinning the pre-amps with stately, slowly shifting synth tones, stereophonic squelches and pink noises.
Lasek is among Canada’s most seasoned producer-engineers; his recordings and mixes marinate in slow-cooked analogue glaze, balancing spacious soundstaging against sumptuous saturation – as fans of his esteemed power-shoegaze rock band The Besnard Lakes can attest (and as can be heard on other award-winning recordings Lasek has helmed, by the likes of Patrick Watson, Suuns, Moonface and Esmerine). With Light Conductor, Lasek brings this studio sensibility to bear on music of slow inexorability and simplicity, co-piloted by the spartan and sultry aesthetic that has guided Ramsay through six albums of acclaimed electro-pop by Young Galaxy over the past decade. The two have been kicking out these Light Conductor slow jams for years, and fans of their respective bands should find profoundly dazed and satisfying respite alongside Lasek and Ramsay when taking the mesmeric plunge into Sequence One.
Come float in their cosmic soup, as Side A unspools around the twinkling ostinato melody of “A Bright Resemblance” like a satellite signal pulsing through celestial refractions, with various atmospheric pressures increasing and eventually blanketing all transmissions in a white-noise blizzard on “Chapel Of The Snows.” Side B starts out in deeper space, on the fittingly titled “Far From The Warming Sun”, where a residual glitch skips amidst oscillating dark matter drones and distant intercepted tones, before returning to earth in the flinty rhythmic interlude of “When The Robot Hits The Water.” Sequence One ends with full ignition and lift-off: the duo’s eponymous electro-psych-rock closer “Light Conductor” (featuring Young Galaxy compatriot Catherine McCandless on backing vocals) is a throbbing empyrean slab of methodically levitational fuzz.
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Packaging notes
Deluxe LP is 180gram heavyweight audiophile midnight ultrablack vinyl pressed at Optimal (Germany) and comes in a thick 24pt/450gsm jacket printed in 2 spot colours (blue + metallic bronze) on uncoated 100% recycled paperboard, with a 12"x24" art print poster, and 320kbps MP3 download card.
Side One
01. A Bright Resemblance
02. Chapel Of The Snows
Side Two
03. Far From The Warming Sun
04. When The Robot Hits The Water
05. Light Conductor
Release date: 08 March 2019
Running time: 38:02

Performed by Stephen Ramsay and Jace Lasek with Olga Goreas.
Background vocals on “Light Conductor” by Catherine McCandless.
Recorded by Olga Goreas.
Mixed by Jace Lasek.
Mastered by Richard White.
All at Breakglass Studios, Montréal.